WiiBox, Diginforce and Gridseed Merge

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A new company by the name of Sfards has slowly been making it’s rounds in the community as a new mining ASIC manufacturer. The company was formed by joining three companies together, Diginforce, WiiBox, and Gridseed. Sfards is essentially a new entity consisting of the companies Gridseed, WiiBox and Diginforce. Diginforce was the sales and public relations company for WiiBox, both companies worked together and were pretty much the same big team. [As] Sfards is aiming for a more international market presence and Diginforce was largely operational within China only, the name was omitted from any announcements.

“The word ‘Sfard’ is derived from Latin, and is the self-given name of the ethnic group thought to be the very first users of the coin.”

With so many scam companies lately, it’s nice to hear some good news about a new legitimate company about to open their doors. An interview conducted with Jack Niederer, Sfards’ International Project Development Manager, gives us more incite into the goings on in the company.


According to the release, the company conceived the world’s first “dual-miner machine” capable of running simultaneously SHA256 and Scrypt. The company said it was planning on launching semiconductors that have “reached the new stage of ASIC technology in both power and efficiency,” reads the announcement.

“We want to position ourselves at the cutting edge of this industry research-wise and to utilize the world’s manufacturing powerhouse to build a solid and trusted brand that can offer cheaper prices than anyone else without sacrificing quality.”

Sfards said it was currently working on improving the WiiBox, an open-source mining hardware control system, which will soon include a hash rate rental feature that will allow user to rent their equipment and use bought hashing power to mine multiple cryptocurrencies. The company added it was planning to add cloud mining services among its offerings.


Along with being the most famous figure in the Chinese Bitcoin world, Li Xiaolai is said to be China ‘s largest Bitcoin holder with current wallet holdings amounting to an estimated 100,000 BTC.

Sfards is looking to be a comprehensive solution provider for the cryptocurrency mining industry. For this reason, we think it is hugely beneficial that we have the experience WiiBox brings to the table. In the pursuit to understand the industry as best as possible and in turn to relay our findings to our customers, it is advantageous to be born of both an innovative hardware production company and of one that has dealt extensively with how these machines work in practice.

They provide us with insights as to mining farm operational efficiency and to in depth control of either a small or a large amount of mining equipment. With this knowledge we will be able to learn about what kind of problems arise most often with mining hardware, and will be able to have these problems in mind when designing new products. To put it plainly, we have a concentrated wealth of experience from multiple facets of the industry in one place. Now with solid backing we have the freedom to put our heads together and really start innovating.

With all of the talk about the companies merging and your company gaining investment capital from choice investors, can you give our readers a timeline of how your business actually came to where it is today? There doesn’t appear to be much written about your company online and with all that has happened, it would be nice to have a clear picture of who your business is.

Sure. Gridseed was founded in mid-2013 and around August that year the GC3355 prototype was completed. [That] was the world’s first dual-miner chip running on ASIC technology. In December of that year, we started producing and in January and February the Infinity USB mini launched in the Chinese and Overseas markets respectively. In April 2014, the G-Blade was released becoming the world’s first Scrypt ASIC machine. The G-Blade has 80 of our GC3355 chips inside while the Infinity USB Mini has 5. Finally in August this year WiiBox and Gridseed joined forces and officially became Sfards. We had great success as Gridseed, we felt that WiiBox had a fantastic product and decided if we worked together we could do some great things.

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