GAWminers New Hashlet (Hashstaker)

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The HashStaker

The HashStaker (#HashStaker) is a new GAWMiners hashlet with an amazing ROI. The Hashlet is like any other fully-capable hashlet. Its break even point is currently just over a hundred days, which is much better than the MultiHashlet, which has fallen to an ROI of several years, or never.
Basically, the HashStaker is an online staking wallet for Paycoin. This means that you can buy, choosing from a few “sizes” of HashStaker depending on how many Paycoins you want to stake, pay no maintenance fees, and have it in ultra secure technology.

HashStakers come in limited quantities and are released as GAW sees fit, over time. HashStakers are currently purchasable from gawminers.com with Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin. Recently on Twitter, @gawminers started a campaign offering 50 hashpoints per tweet that had one image attached and #HashStaker up to a total maximum of 500 hashpoints, or 10 tweets. Of course, this created general mass panic as about 30-40 users started spamming #HashStaker tweets.

GAW says,

HashStaker is not a Hashlet. It’s an entirely new generation of currency generating devices, one that works with Prime Controllers and Proof of Stake. We’ve taken everything you love about mining, and created a product that you can more reliably judge its profitability over time.

Of course, this means exactly what you would expect: You will be able to generate next-generation PoS cryptocurrencies, like Paycoins, more reliably and profitably than ever before. HashStaker works on a completely new generation of currency technology, however, one that no one else has, like PoS-utilizing Prime Controllers.

HashStaker wallets pay out the new currency and use next-generation technology that makes them capable of doing things you could only dream of with a traditional mining rig.

Features like:

– No-drops in payouts for their entire lifespan.
– Complete immunity to difficulty increases
– Zero maintenance fees. Forever!
– The highest payouts of any miner, period
– Customizable – only buy what you need
– Guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

The first batch of miners will only have 100 miners. There was a frantic rush yesterday spanning about 25 minutes that had people striving to be the first to buy the miners.


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