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It’s not too late to get invested with GAW Miners. While GAW has announced the next phase of their PayCoin launch, we have until 12/20/14 (give or take a couple of days) to get in on the ground floor. This means mining HashPoints, which will be automatically converted at a 400:1 ratio to PayCoins. Simultaneously with this conversion, PayCoin will end its Proof of Work (POW) phase and become an entirely Proof of Stake (POS) coin.

As it pertains to an investor; POS works by locking up (staking) your coins for a specific period of time. This creates stability for the coin markets, and in return pays an interest rate on the staked coins. The ability to stake coins will be included with some of the Hashlets by way of conversion. Today we will be walking through the process of buying Hashlets that will be converted later to stake our coins for us.

Hashlet Primes are guaranteed to convert, and we have two choices depending on the length of time we are looking to invest for. Zen Hashlets will get second priority for conversion, but their current cost/benefit ratio makes them a strong contender for purchase. All other Hashlets get third priority for conversion and will more likely not convert at all. Right now the only viable investment options are Primes and Zens.

I believe the optimal ratio for investment at this time is 75% of our money going to purchase Hashlet Primes, and the other 25% to purchase Zen Hashlets. The Primes offer the best long term (1 year or more) potential, while the Zens will make the most of the short time we have to accrue HashPoints.

1. Sign up for an account with GAW Miners Zen Cloud
If you’re unfamiliar with the interface, there is an instructional walkthrough you may follow. Upon completion of the walkthrough, you will receive a free 10 GH/s Bitcoin miner.

2. If you would like to purchase Hashlets using a credit card or PayPal, you can do so at GAW Miners main website. Bear in mind that Prime Hashlets cannot be purchased with a credit card! If you are purchasing with a credit card, you should only buy Zen Hashlets, nothing else. I would also highly recommend setting up a or similar account to purchase Bitcoin (and therefore Primes) as soon as possible.

3. If you would like to purchase Hashlets using Bitcoin, you can deposit directly into your Zen Cloud account using the “Fund Account” button at the top right of your screen. Clicking here will reveal your personal Bitcoin wallet address. Once your deposit has confirmed you will see your balance shows both the BTC and a current USD exchange rate.

4. To purchase Hashlet Primes with Bitcoin, click on the Hash Market on the left panel. Find the Filter Hashlets menu on the right and select “Hashlet Prime”

5. Spend 75% of your money on Hashlet Primes

6. Now filter by “Zen Hashlet” and spend the rest of your hard earned money on those

7. From the left panel, click over to “Miners”. Now we will set the miners to mine HashPoints

8. For the Zen Hashlets (green ones) click the gear in the bottom left corner of each Hashlet and click “Mine HashPoint Pool”. You will see the red circle H appear in the bottom right of each Hashlet.

9. For the Primes (gray ones) look to the right hand side of the screen for the “Payouts” section. Find the red H with a circle around it. Click and drag that H onto the Primes, and you will see the red circle H appear in the bottom left corner.

10. Primes have the ability to “Double Dip” which is the blue + on the left side. It’s a bonus payout that you can only click once every 24 hours. Click it, select “Hash Point Pool” from the drop down menu (yes, same pool again). Repeat every 24 hours

11. Sometime on Friday 12/5/14, Primes will be able to reserve a spot in line to convert to Prime HashStakers. The conversion will not occur until on or around the 20th, and until then the Prime will continue to mine HashPoints uninterrupted.

12. If there are remaining upgrade slots after 48 hours, the ability to reserve a slot will pass on to the Zen Hashlets. The same process will pertain to Zens, reserve your place in line to convert, and continue mining HashPoints until that happens.


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  3. Dave October 31, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    The latest Bait & Switch Scam in Mining

    Check out this announcement from Zeus Mining How about this spin… (Yes I am being very sarcastic) Obviously as a pre paid customer I am extremely disappointed.

    Letter to customers – Volcano Conversion
    View this email in your browser

    Dear Dave,

    This is Terry and I am the CEO of ZeusMiner. I am writing to you because you have placed a pre-order for a Volcano or GEN III blade products with our company.

    I would personally like to thank you for your trust in us but also have an important matter that I want to discuss with you today.

    When we have announced the pre-orders in September a lot of customers like you, have used this chance and placed an order for our Volcano/GEN III Batch 1 for December delivery. A month later ZeusHash, our cloud-hashing platform went online and we were amazed by its instant success with over 12,000 customers signing up in less than a month.

    Since that time our customer service has received a lot of messages from Volcano pre-order customers – you might have been one of them – who asked us if it is not possible to change their pre-orders for December into a ZeusHash Cloud-hashing with instant BTC/LTC mining.

    We took time to think about this possibility carefully, and as more and more similar requests were coming in we even hired an outside analyst team to support us in this difficult decision for our company.

    The main reasons Volcano customers,who wanted to change to ZeusHash and start mining coins immediately,stated, were their growing concerns about the constantly low LTC and BTC price and the coin difficulty climbing sharply. As every investment is about ROI, we completely understand and agree to their concerns.

    The analysts estimated that the moment we would allow the switch from Volcano to ZeusHash over 80% of the Volcano pre-order customers would take advantage of this possibility. But this would mean for us that it would be impossible to continue the production of the Volcano because of the low production volume.

    From the moment we have received the first pre-order payment for a Volcano we have set aside this money in secured accounts in the same way we have received it (USD, BTC, LTC) and have used our own funds to finance the R&D of the Volcano.

    For ZeusMiner the most important factor was always to listen to the community and work together with it to build up a strong and powerful Scrypt mining industry. Flexibility is a vital factor and we have realized that at this point we have to make a decision, either to listen to what the majority of our Volcano customers wants even it means that we have to accept that the money we put already into R&D will be lost or to continue to produce the Volcano.

    We have stuck to our main principle to always put customers first and I as CEO of ZeusMiner have decided to halt the production of the Volcano and GEN III chip blades.

    We have worked out two solutions that we think both will benefit you

    Transfer your Volcano pre-order to ZeusHash for instant hashing. You will receive an extra 10% discount on top of the already extremely low Halloween Special promotion
    Refund of the FULL amount including shipping costs in exactly the same way we have received funds from you (USD, BTC or LTC)
    If you have ordered at least 1 Volcano we will put FREE 10 GHS into your ZeusHash account
    If you have ordered GEN III blades, you will receive FREE 5 GHS into your ZeusHash account

    You may click HERE to let us know your decision. Log in with your account in ZeusMiner. (If it is your first time at ZeusHash, please try to log in with your Email and Password at ZeusMiner).

    If you have purchased through one of our distributors, please be so kind and contact them for conversion/refund.

    It has been a very difficult decision for us to make and we didn’t take it lightly, but we feel that this decision reflects what the community wanted from us.

    I apologize to you for having to make this decision and thank you for your support. If you have any questions, comments or anything to tell me directly, please send me a message to my personal email [email protected]

    With Best Regards

    ZeusMiner CEO
    Terry Li

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