GAW Miners new bitcoin Killer? Paycoin

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GAW Miners new bitcoin Killer? Paycoin

Paycoin is a coin adopted by GAWMiners as it’s official coin. For now, cloud Paycoin miners are in high        demand as only a few select, 14 users have received their miners. Some of these users have already put their miners on the Hash Market for thousands of dollars each. Paycoins are exclusive and their price can be shifted up or down directly by GAW. Eventually, Paycoins will be converted into from Hashpoints and will be tradable for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies on PayBase, another GAW branch. Upon the full release and integration of Zencloud with PayBase you will be able to purchase all GAW products with PayCoins. This integration is coming soon, in mid-December. The exact conversion rate figures will be announced prior to the conversion once GAW’s systems are setup to perform the migration from HashPoints to PayCoins. HashPoints will be deprecated once the conversion happens. Hashlets will be purchasable with BTC until the integration of PayCoin.

With the release of Paycoins will come the release of HashBase, a branch oh GAW that will allow users to have credit and debit cards linked directly to their HashBase accounts. This will come at great challenge to GAW. All previous attempts at such a feat have been foiled by credit card companies, fees, or greediness. Will GAW manage to complete this adventure? This has been tried at and failed at before. The current site is a scam that attracts newbies to deposit a lot of money into their account only for it to be stolen. Will GAW overcome the barriers between fiat, cards, and Bitcoin? Only time will tell, but one cannot be too hopeful.

Paycoin has drawn a lot of attention, especially from the community “police”.

Qntra, on this matter:


As is typical of scammers, they always have an excuse which taken at face value appears plausible. Josh Garza is now claiming that the partnerships cannot be disclosed by either himself or partners due to non-disclosure agreements. This of course ignores the fact that Josh Garza is the only person who has claimed such deals are happening. Garza responds:

“First, since most of you did your homework and figured out who some of the partners of our company will be, (since we met with them earlier in the week,) then you can connect the dots on how we’re able to connect with large merchants……

Second, I already over-stepped our NDA once by disclosing partnerships, and I won’t do it again. All I will say is that if any company announced our partnership, they would be in violation of their NDA with us, too. We will respect and honor our agreements until the time that we can disclose them.”

This all began with Josh Garza claiming Hashlets would appear in stores such as Target. In an attempt to cover up his obvious lies, Josh clearly confused his fake, non-existent miners1 with a debit card, claiming that it’s actually Paycoin, another scam, that will be accepted by tier-one merchants, saying:

“Paycoin will be able to be used at tier-one merchants, either directly or through a debit card in the coming months.”


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